Toxic foam floats on Yamuna River as Delhi air quality remains in “very poor” category

The poisonous foam was spotted floating on the surface of the Yamuna River near Kalindi Kunj in Delhi on Sunday morning as residents of the nation’s capital faced appalling pollution levels for the third day in a row. Due to the toxic nature of the water, the city’s water supply has also been affected as the water from the Yamuna River is far too contaminated to be consumed.

As for the air quality in Delhi, it remained in the “severe” category as the Air Quality Index (AQI) stood at 436 by early Sunday morning. The Earth Ministry’s Air Quality and Weather Research System (SAFAR) said Delhi’s AQI was 437 on Saturday evening, with the fine particulate matter (PM) 2.5 concentration of 318 The PM 10 concentration was found to be 448. According to SAFAR, Delhi’s AQI will drop to the upper end of the “very low” category due to strong surface winds which disperse air pollutants.

According to experts, the AQI between 0-50 is considered good and healthy, 51-100 is considered satisfactory, 101-200 is considered moderate, 201-300 is considered poor category, 301-400 is labeled as very bad and 401-500 is marked as serious / dangerous. Vimlendu Jha, an environmentalist, said when speaking to ANI, “Maybe construction activities should be banned for next week.” He also added that traffic must be controlled along with other strict actions like closing schools or restricting people to private offices.

Reasons for foaming in the Yamuna River

The formation of foam on the surface of the Yamuna River could be due to multiple reasons such as the increase in the phosphate content due to the increase in discharges of effluents containing detergents from industries. Industrial waste is one of the main reasons for water pollution in the city and the Delhi government has even banned the sale, storage, transport and marketing of soaps and detergents that do not meet the latest standards. BIS standards. Experts have called on the government to pass a law banning the dumping of industrial waste into the river and action should be taken to reverse the situation.

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