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In the last issue of Fintech Magazine, we spoke to Mike Palmer, COO at TAB Bank, about the vital role strategic alliances play in his digital transformation journey. TAB Bank, which aims to revolutionize open banking in the United States, partners with market-leading fintechs and financial service providers to improve the financial health of its clients.

“They are great partners with whom we have had tremendous success,” says Palmer.

Partners like Snap Finance, a fast and flexible consumer finance provider, are invaluable to TAB Bank’s digital transformation – and to providing its banking customers with the services and tools they need to improve their financial situation.

As a strategic partner of TAB, Snap provides its clients with reliable capital lease financing for the things that matter. Its proprietary algorithm goes beyond a FICO score, leveraging over 11,000 data points to ensure customers have the best chance of approval – and help Snap Partners close more sales.

Snap Finance’s three-pillar approach

Customers get what they need, when they need it

Snap looks beyond bad or no credit scores to give applicants the best possible chance of securing successful financing – and in a time that is nearly unmatched in the capital lease market.

Flexible payment options

Customers can stay in control of their refunds with a choice of three easy payment options. These give customers the freedom, convenience and confidence to make informed decisions and access what they want.

No credit needed

Snap is for everyone, even nearly a third of Americans who don’t qualify for traditional financing because of their credit history. Snap looks past their credit score and can get them approved in seconds.

Customers love Snap’s service, with a five-star review stating, “Snap came to me when I needed my car fixed. It’s good to know that this service is available when you really need it.

Lee J. Murillo

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