S7 Technics begins production of polyurethane foam cushions for aircraft seats

(S7 techniques)

S7 Technics, a Russian independent provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, announced the start of production of polyurethane foam cushions for aircraft seats (seats, backrests and headrests ). The first and only such production in Russia and the wider CIS will allow customers – airlines and aircraft seat manufacturers from Russia and possibly other regions – to reduce the costs of refurbishing their cabins. ‘planes.

Located in the premises of the S7 Technics site in Mineralnye Vody, the dedicated facility completed the certification audit in July 2021 and obtained EASA approval for the production of seat cushions as well as the EASA FORM certificate. ONE. The new facility can produce up to 40 sets of aircraft seat cushions per year for economy and business class seats, as well as pilot seats. The company has already won several contracts for the renovation of aircraft cabins.

A major advantage of S7 Technics’ proposition to its customers is that the seat cushion replacement project is delivered “turnkey”. According to aeronautical regulations, any modification of the aircraft requires the individual preparation of a set of documentation, a service bulletin, the development and production of components, and finally the cushions can be installed on the seats inside the aircraft cabin. S7 Technics is certified to perform each of these steps. The work can be carried out in conjunction with the aircraft maintenance checks or separately, both for the entire cabin or for individual seats.

“We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to refresh their aircraft cabins at significantly reduced costs. On average, the operator’s expenses for the replacement of seat cushions and covers at S7 Technics can only be half of the expenses for the same type of project with a supplier outside of Russia ”, comments Artem Akhmedov, deputy general manager of production of S7 Technics. and the design of aeronautical components.

Previously, S7 Technics had started the production of seat covers and other seat components. The manufacture of cushions was therefore a logical step in the company’s skills development strategy. The launch of this new venture, large in terms of preparation and the number of experts involved, required careful planning and preparation. In total, it took around 18 months between the decision and its successful implementation.

The tests of the polyurethane foam materials and cushions were carried out in the internal test laboratory of S7 Technics in Novosibirsk. The laboratory is accredited in the ILAC-MRA system based on ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 requirements.

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