Malaysia now has an oversupply of cheap chickens because no one is buying them

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After months of shortage, Malaysia now has an oversupply of chickens. Agriculture and Food Industries (Mafi) Minister Datuk Seri Ronald Kiandee said the chicken industry has stabilized thanks to the measures taken by the government.

According to Malay Mail, Malaysia’s decision to abolish Approved Permits (APs), allow the import of chickens from other countries and ban the export of chicken overseas has contributed to the resumption of the industry.

As there are plenty of chickens to circulate, chicken prices have also fallen below the ceiling price set by the government.

For illustrative purposes. Image: Farhan Najib/ Malaysian Mail

While cheap chickens sound like good news and a bargain, it bought another problem.

According to Kosmo, cheap chickens are not doing well in Terengganu. Chicken vendors in Kuala Nerus and Kuala Terengganu reported a 40% drop in sales, although the price of chicken was reduced to RM7.30 per kg from the ceiling price of RM9.40.

A vendor, Ahmad Ibni Hasan, 38, said only 100 chickens were sold daily compared to 180 chickens previously.

He believes there are fewer customers because there are cheaper chickens sold elsewhere.

I sold raw chickens for RM7.50 per kg and this is the lowest since 2021. Before that it was RM11.50 before prices dropped to RM8.50 per kg last week.

Ahmad Ibni Hassan

Kosmo said the price range for chicken sold is between RM7.30-7.50 per kg.

Another vendor, Abdullah Endot, 55, said chicken prices had fallen because it had become cheaper at all levels, including from suppliers.

Previously, he could sell 200 chickens in one day, but now he could only sell less than 100 chickens and had to keep the extras to resell the next day.

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