I am an airline employee – the cheapest days and times to book your tickets if you want to get a cheap flight

GETTING a deal when you’re traveling can be tricky, but an airline employee has revealed the cheapest days and times to book a flight to ensure you land the best deal.

Airline employee Megan Homme took to her Instagram account @meganhomme to share tips she learned during her early days in the travel industry.


Thousands of people responded after an airline employee revealed on Instagram that she said now was the best time to book a flight and the best day to travel to get the cheapest dealCredit: Instagram / Megan Homme

It reveals the best time to book a trip, as well as the day of the week to travel to maximize savings.

She explains that the cheapest day to book travel is Saturday or Sunday, and adds that you’ll save the most money if you physically book between 6 a.m. and noon.

She didn’t mention whether the times were time zone specific or not.

However, the Instagrammer goes on to say that the best day to fly is a Tuesday.

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She says the information was presented to her during one of her first weeks on the job.

The reaction to his video posts has been lively, especially from those working in the industry.

@carolinefrolo wrote: “girl…from someone who works for an airline, tuesday is the cheapest day to buy and fly. tuesdays are always the least busy…”

@bon_vivant_bon_voyage was critical. “It’s BS. I’ve been in the travel industry for over 20 years. Prices drop all the time. There’s no set date or time.”

@isab_bee agreed in part, saying “No, buy 3am-6am, fly Tuesday/Wednesday.”

Meanwhile, @chipdefender called the video tips “…an outright lie”.

However, @jacqui.jada liked the advice, saying “it will be good to keep in mind for our trip to Europe”.

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Personal finance site, Nerdwallet, analyzed data from travel booking app, Hopper, from January to May this year. He found the best day to fly is Tuesday or Wednesday, so @meganhomme might be right.

However, Nerdwallet warns that the reality is that flight prices are constantly changing and travelers should be vigilant as you won’t always find a deal until Tuesday to book, although you may find some modest savings.

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