Exeter Airport offers cheap flights to Spain and Greece during the summer

Living in Devon can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to finding cheap flights for a cheeky holiday. And, right now, you can find cheaper tickets to parts of Spain than to the Republic of Ireland from Exeter Airport in May.

In fact, there are a number of affordable Mediterranean destinations available as the weather continues to improve. Spain and Greece seem to be realistic destinations for a first stay abroad in some time.

We’ve selected some of the best flights from Exeter. Most of them leave Devon in May, but there are also good prices in June.

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Take some sun this winter and travel to Malaga

Among the cheapest flights from Exeter at the moment is a seven-day stay in Malaga, near the southern tip of Spain. At just £91 per person you would leave Devon on Wednesday 11th May and return a week later.

It would be cheaper than traveling three days earlier. The flight from Exeter on Sunday May 8, returning on Sunday May 15, costs £139 per person.


Port of Alicante
Port of Alicante

If you prefer a trip closer to the southeastern tip of Spain and inland from Benidorm, Alicante is also an affordable destination for Plymothians next month.

Taking the 11.05pm flight from Exeter on Tuesday May 17, returning a week later on Tuesday May 24, you can get tickets for £117 per person.

Traveling the previous weekend would be a more expensive undertaking. It costs £142 per person to fly Saturday to Saturday.


Why not take a trip to the fun city of Dublin?
Why not take a trip to the fun city of Dublin?

Traveling to the Republic of Ireland is, of course, one of the cheapest flights from Exeter. That said, holidaymakers might well be puzzled that tickets there in June are still more expensive than going to Malaga or Alicante in May.

The best deal for Dublin will cost you £121 per person. This involves leaving Exeter on Saturday June 4 and returning a week later on Saturday June 11.


The Canary Islands are also within easy reach of Exeter, with flights available to Lanzarote in May. It’s a bit more expensive than mainland Spain but hardly a huge cost.

If you leave on Sunday May 8 and return the following Monday, giving you eight days in the sun, you can leave for £129 pp. Not bad for a cheeky May break.


Menorca's tourist board said it was
Menorca’s tourist board said it was ‘optimistic the island will be greenlisted by the UK government’.

If you want to save travel time by heading to the Balearic Islands instead, then Menorca is another affordable destination outside of Exeter. However, you will have to wait until later in May.

Leaving Devon on Friday May 20 you can get a flight for £140 pp. You will return to Exeter on the 10.10am flight on Friday 27th May.


La Palma

Menorca is not the only Balearic island accessible from Exeter. Proximity to Mallorca is just as affordable.

If you fly to Palma on Monday May 18, you can get tickets for £136 pp. The return flight leaves Mallorca at 09:00 on Monday 25 May.


It’s a much longer but no less realistic trip to a vacation starting in Exeter. The beautiful Greek island is one of the many places you reach in and around the Hellenic world.

The outward flight takes around five hours on Monday 9 May, but for just £163 pp it’s not too bad. You will come home a week later, on Monday, May 16.

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Lee J. Murillo