Coventry student, 20, reveals common mistakes that make your house look cheap in TikTok videos seen by millions

If you’re looking to spruce up your home for less, there are a number of cost-effective tips you can try to give it a new, more luxurious look. Student Krishnan Rajaratnam, 20, who studies interior architecture and design at Coventry University, shared tons of practical advice in a series of TikTok videos that have since gone viral.

Krishnan revealed several decorating faux pas that can make your home look “cheap”. It also provided practical ways for homeowners to modernize their homes without breaking the bank.

His latest videos, which have racked up millions of views, reveal some of the simple ways clutter, curtains, and bedding can detract from the look of your carpet. Krishnan tells the owners to throw away the short curtains and patterned duvet covers as well as hide the exposed electrical cables.

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Krishnan advised against sticking LED light strips on your ceiling as it can make your house look cheap. He also said owners should avoid patterned sheets, noting that bright white sheets look more minimalist and modern.

Another decorating issue that Krishnan revealed can depreciate your home is leaving cables exposed under televisions and electrical equipment, as this can make your room look messy. He also advised people to get rid of outdated light fixtures and replace them with more luxurious ones.

Krishnan said homeowners should also consider replacing curtains that may be too short. Choosing longer curtains that fall to the floor gives the illusion of more height and therefore more space in the room.

Krishnan said having ‘curtains that are too short’ for the room can make your house look cheap in a series of videos on TikTok

Getting rid of hangers over the door can make your room look neat and tidy, as they can often make the room feel cluttered. Avoiding clutter on exposed shelving can also help create a tidy, minimalist space by adding a little extra value to your home.

While it might seem obvious, Krishnan also said homeowners should make sure their sheets aren’t wrinkled, as it can make all the difference. Ironing the creases and making the bed neatly can give your bedroom a more luxurious feel.

Krishnan said 'wrinkled sheets' can make your home look cheap in a series of TikTok videos
Krishnan said ‘wrinkled sheets’ can make your home look cheap in a series of TikTok videos

Most people have some form of artwork in their homes, however, Krishnan says it might look a little cheesy if people are buying mass-produced prints. He also advised against wall decals as they can detract from the mood of the room.

Speaking to CoventryLive to explain why he decided to make the TikTok videos, Krishnan said: “I have always loved interior design from a young age and I also study architecture and interior design. interior at Coventry University, so I wanted to share the tips I’ve learned over the years to help others improve their homes.

Krishnan said he was “shocked” when he realized his videos had been viewed by millions. He said: “When I went viral I was shocked and surprised because I didn’t expect a few interior design tips to get millions of views.

“Most of the tips I share are about furniture placement. I also share tips that can be easily corrected because interior decorating can be very expensive.”

Lee J. Murillo