Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Mousse Review: A streak-free fake tan with a great scent

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The key to any successful fake tan is preparation. If you want to remove hair, do it 48 hours in advance and exfoliate your body and face 24 hours before application. Immediately before applying the product, make sure your pores aren’t open (as they would be if you’d just stepped out of a hot shower).

Applying moisturizer to dry areas — such as the ankles, knees, elbows, and hands — also helps prevent an uneven fake tan. But, preparation aside, this tan still stands out in a crowd — for all the right reasons.


There’s a lot going on in Bali Sunny Honey Bronzing Mousse that goes beyond your generic fake glow. But while we fell in love with this fake tan for its beautiful tanning qualities, we’re on the fence when it comes to its other claims, such as fighting cellulite, which we’ll talk about later.

Starting with the tan formula, a gray-green base was used to create a golden glow with no orange tones, and we have to say we found just that, as our tester certainly looked a lot more bronzed than the tangerine. suspicious. We’d even go so far as to say it’s our best bronzed color we’ve found so far, with just one coat being enough to make a noticeable difference while still staying in the realm of post-holiday glow rather than a completely different person.

Deriving its tanning power from 100% natural DHA (dihydroxyacetone), the ingredient that darkens dead skin cells to give them their bronzed look, this fake tan is also completely vegan. The guide color was dark enough to spot missed patches as well, leaving an even, streak-free finish every time.

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As for the claimed skincare benefits, this tan includes patented Cellushape technology, raw virgin coconut oil to moisturize the skin, and mango, fig, and cocoa extracts to scent, as well as antioxidants to improve skin health. All of these goodies left our tester with soft, supple skin for days after use.

Cellushape, or lotus extract, acts as an antioxidant to reduce the effects of pollution, external stressors and UV rays on the skin. It is also said to “fight cellulite”, although such claims are highly disputed, so please don’t get your hopes up on that. The brand has done its own research on these claims, with results showing that it reduced some cellulite. However, that’s when the Cellushape technology was used twice a day for 28 days, which sounds like a lot of fake tan to apply, if you ask us.

Design and drying process

Housed in a 200ml tube with an easy-squeeze pump, this mousse is simple and straightforward to use. The removable lid makes it easy to transport and the whole product, bag included, is fully recyclable.

We recommend shaking the product before applying to evenly distribute the tan, and it should come out as a brown cloud of light, fluffy foam. Effortlessly rubbed into the skin with the mitt and brush, the foam is instantly absorbed. However, it does leave a sticky finish that lasts around 30 minutes, so make sure you don’t put on your best white shirt until you’ve washed it.

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After about two hours the base color will begin to develop and you should be able to dress without too much fear of transfer. However, our tester recommends proceeding with caution on this point – best not to jump into your fresh white sheets just in case.


This natural looking tan left our tester with more compliments than they had ever received, even their own mother was tricked into thinking it was a natural tan. With no classic fake tan smell or annoying blackheads in pores, we have very little negative to say about this fake glow.

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When testing the “dark” shade, we found one coat to be perfect when applied once a week for a low-maintenance, golden glow. Less than that and you’ll start to see it fade; more often and you might be darker than you want.

The Verdict: Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Mousse

It’s very rare that our testers give a product a full score – we’re a tough bunch, after all – but this fake tan deserved it.

When it comes to “cellulite fighting” claims, it’s best not to place hope in products that physically alter your body. That said, fake tan works on dimples the same way it does on stretch marks and scars, blending them in an airbrushed effect so they’re less visible to the naked eye. For some people it’s a definite plus, while for others it’s a plus they can take or leave.

So while we wouldn’t recommend Bali Sunny Honey Bronzing Mousse for its anti-cellulite claims, when used as a faux glow, we can’t say a bad word against it. An unfailing golden glow that fooled everyone just like the real thing (minus the telltale fake tan smell) we’ll be hard pressed to find a better fake tan than this, so we can only encourage you to go try it for yourself.

Lee J. Murillo