Cheapest properties in San Francisco on Zillow

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you were looking for a small space in the city, you might be lucky, provided you know how to swim.

The cheapest package on Zillow that’s within the San Francisco city limits is just $8,000, and it seems like a bargain at first. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice that the land at 681 Donner Ave. is completely underwater. Located near Candlestick Point Recreation Area, the plot offers great waterfront or rather waterlogged views of San Francisco Bay.

KRON4 spoke with property agent Trent Zhu to find out if he’s seen much interest in water lots like this. Zhu says he’s seen interest in the property, “due to the low price”, but there doesn’t seem to be too much competition in the market for plots like this. When asked if he had seen many sales of water lots like these in the past two years, Zhu replied, “Not many. In fact, the current owners of the lot at 681 Donner Ave. didn’t buy the lot at all, they inherited the plot, according to Zhu.

However, the tide may be turning for Candlestick Point Recreation Area as a new development focusing on housing and transport in the area began in 2014 and is now in phase two. The Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 2 and Candlestick Point Development Project has committed to providing approximately 10,500 housing units in the area, and 31.86%, or 3,345 units, will be offered at rates below those of the market.

Zhu focuses his attention on the future of the area when he considers the true value of this property: “The Candlestick Point area is the least developed waterfront in all of San Francisco. When the housing project is complete there will be a need for the waterfront. Imagine 100 years ago at Fisherman’s Wharf, there was nothing there, right? But now it explodes!

And if you have a little extra loose change, you might want to check out the next cheapest package in San Francisco. For just $90,000, you can be the proud owner of a single parking spot in the community of 88 Townsend Street. The post on Zillow indicates that this space is currently rented for $300 per month.

Lee J. Murillo