Cheap and high potential bargains include Jeff Wilson and Marvin Jones

Are you competing today in a DFS fantasy football tournament, 50/50, multiplier, head-to-head, or any FanDuel competition intended to separate you from the peloton? Well, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to include a few cheap, high-yielding options in your lineup. Here are my favorite NFL DFS Week 11 bargains.

NFL DFS bargain picks for week 11 Sunday | $ 5,000 – $ 7,000

The following player values ​​are based on FanDuel prices. All of them are sold for less than their probable true value for week 11.

AJ Dillon, RB, Green Bay Packers ($ 7,000)

AJ Dillon is only a good deal as it should be priced about $ 1,000 more. Dillon will realistically win over 20 touches with Aaron Jones sidelined, and his advantage is just as high as Jones’s. Launch it as RB1.

Justin Fields, QB, Chicago Bears ($ 6,800)

Tied for Sunday’s most expensive 21st QB DFS, Justin Fields has a good chance of making the top 14. He’s hit a milestone in the past two weeks, in part thanks to 148 combined rushing yards. That’s what you get with the Chicago rookie – fantastic floor if he’s movable and a stellar cap if he can somehow generate more passing attacks.

Darren Waller, TE, Las Vegas Raiders ($ 6,700)

My opponent this week has Darren Waller. It doesn’t bring me any joy to say this, but he and the Raiders will understand that. Ignore the doldrums. The opposing Bengals are a great exit opportunity.

Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars ($ 6,500)

This summer, I cautioned readers not to buy into the Trevor Lawrence hype. Now the pendulum swings too far the other way.

Although he couldn’t start in four straight games, the opposing 49ers are mediocre in the opposite QB rating and well below average in the opposite completion percentage. Like Fields, Lawrence has a very bright future in the NFL. I believe he will come out of his crisis today.

Rashod Bateman, WR, Baltimore Ravens ($ 5,800)

I don’t like the game, but I like the fantastic player. Rashod Bateman is the real deal, and with Marquise Brown for Week 11, he and Mark Andrews will be the primary receiving targets. Bateman is a stealthy DFS game, given its WR2 potential.

Marvin Jones Jr., WR, Jacksonville Jaguars ($ 5,700)

Painfully underutilized Marvin Jones Jr. is a breakout waiting to happen. Jacksonville signed him to help raise Lawrence. This has happened sparingly and needs to happen more. Today is a good day to get it right.

Robby Anderson, WR, Carolina Panthers ($ 5,600)

It’s all about the risk and the reward. This season, Robby Anderson has shown little and his completion percentage is the worst of any starting WR. But Carolina’s (Cam Newton) QB upgrade is great news for Anderson, who is one of fantasy football’s biggest underachievers. I would take the plunge today and for the rest of the season.

Ty Johnson, RB, New York Jets ($ 5,200)

I have Michael Carter and I traded Ty Johnson this week for an insurance policy. Johnson also offers standalone value dependent on TD. If you need a cheap plug-in in DFS, it could get you over 10 points today.

Cole Kmet, TE, Chicago Bears ($ 5,100)

Cole Kmet was supposed to have a bigger impact this season. Last week we finally saw him (reception line 6-87). In a desperate team of offensive playmakers, Kmet fits the bill.

Jeff Wilson Jr., RB, San Francisco 49ers ($ 5,000)

With Elijah Mitchell uncertain as of Sunday morning, Jeff Wilson Jr. is expected to win his first start of the season. Remember, in three starts last year, he looked like an experienced bell cow. If you’re planning to invest in a super-cheap DFS drive this weekend, invest in Wilson.

NFL DFS bargain picks for week 11 Sunday | Less than $ 5,000

Who should you catch in DFS under $ 5,000 on FanDuel? All of them are sold for less than their probable true value for week 11.

David Njoku, TE, Cleveland Browns ($ 4,900)

In Week 5, David Njoku had one of the best TE fantasy performances of the year with 7 catches for 149 yards and 1 TD. Since then, he’s been mostly a non-factor. With injuries ravaging the receiving body, Njoku has the opportunity to become the No.3 or No.4 receiving option in Cleveland.

Tony Jones Jr., RB, Saints of New Orleans ($ 4,600)

This one’s for the more daring among you. Alvin Kamara is injured and Mark Ingram, almost 32, begins. Tony Jones Jr. was just activated after missing six weeks and has shown up well in limited ability earlier this season.

If Ingram is battling Philadelphia, or if the game’s script strongly favors or disadvantages New Orleans, don’t be surprised if Jones gets more than 10 touches. At this price, it would be worth the investment.

Tennessee Titans, D / ST ($ 4,600)

Against Houston, the Titans are a fixture in the regular fantasy leagues. In DFS, they should be heavily targeted.

Carolina Panthers, D / ST ($ 4,100)

How much do we trust Washington’s offensive? I think Carolina will win comfortably, forcing Taylor Heinicke to pitch more than he should be. Expect at least a few turnovers and several sacks for the resurgent Panthers.

Lee J. Murillo