Airline Employees Reveal Best Way To Get Cheap Flights

IF YOU are planning to book a stay this week, you must wait until the weekend to do so.

Experts from Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) have teamed up to reveal practical travel tips, including when to book flights and how to save money on accommodations.


When you book you can save up to 50%Credit: Alamy

Book another day

The next time you’re bored on a Friday and planning a hot vacation somewhere, you should wait a few days before booking one.

Flight prices can fluctuate throughout the week – and studies have shown that you could pay more depending on which day you book a vacation abroad.

While the most expensive day is a Friday, the cheapest is a Sunday, with a difference of 15-20%.

So wait a few days, and you might save money on the same trip.

Fly at another time

A hot holiday in November or December can be tempting – but it will likely cost you more money.

If you are traveling abroad, December is one of the most expensive months, which might not come as a surprise as the British abandon the freezing weather in the UK.

If you want to go on vacation but don’t worry about leaving, opt for September instead, right after summer vacation.

This could save you up to 40% – and most of Europe is still much hotter than the UK for one last summer sunburn.

If you are traveling within the country, you could save almost half depending on the month.

November is the most expensive, while March is the cheapest – with a difference of 45%.

Do not book hotels on weekends

You may have more time on weekends to book a hotel stay, but now is not the best time to save.

The study found that the cheapest days to book are Wednesdays and Fridays.

For domestic stays, opt for Friday, but for international travel, opt for Wednesday.

Saturdays and Sundays are five percent more expensive.

Get off a hotel bill

While five-star hotels are obviously more expensive, losing one star each time could save you up to 50%.

The study found this price difference between a five-star and a four-star – where customers are unlikely to notice much of a difference.

You could save 30% by going from a four star to a three star.

Book during the week, not the weekend, to save the pennies


Book during the week, not the weekend, to save the penniesCredit: Alamy

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