A boy joins a sordid online world with his webcam

In conversations with Justin, other miners with paid sites admitted to being scared of some fans. Some adults wrote things like “He wants to own you.” They had particular wardrobe requests for teenagers: in jeans with a belt, no belt, with a lace bra, showing the legs, showing the feet, wearing boxers with an erection, and the like.

A 16-year-old who called himself hot boyy 23 finally found the pleas too strong. “Hey guys,” he wrote when he closed his site, “I’m sorry, there are just too many monsters for me. I also need to live a more normal life. maybe be back someday and I might not. I’m sorry I had to ruin all the fun. “

It’s not just the minors who operate cam sites for pay that face creepy adults. Earlier this year, a teenage girl from Alabama posed halftones on her webcam in a sexually charged conversation with someone she thought was another teenage girl. But her new confidant turned out to be an adult named Julio Bardales from Napa, Calif., Law enforcement officials said. And when the girl stopped complying, she received an email from Mr. Bardales containing a montage of her images. Through them there was a threat in red letters that the images would be revealed unless she showed a frontal nude photo on the webcam. Mr. Bardales was subsequently arrested. Police said he had images of more underage girls on webcams, including other montages with the same threat.

Justin says he didn’t fully understand the dangers his fans posed and that before turning 14 he was first lured out of the relative safety of his home. A man he met online hosted Justin’s website from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and invited him to attend a computer camp. Justin’s mother allowed him to leave, thinking the camp was worth it.

Another time, the man lured Justin to Michigan by promising to make arrangements for him to have sex with a girl. Both times, Justin said, the man assaulted him. Transcripts of their subsequent online conversations support the charges, and a video seen by the Times shows the man, who appears for a short time in the recording, also recorded pornography of Justin.

From that point on, Justin’s personality hardened, as evidenced by the many instant messages he made available to The Times. He has become an aggressive price negotiator for his performance. Emboldened by a growing contempt for his audience, he sometimes left their questions unanswered for hours, just to prove to himself that they would wait for him.

“These people had no life,” said Justin. “They would never get angry.”

Angered by threatening messages from a fan of his first site, Justin opened a new one called jfwy.com, an online acronym that loosely translates to “I’m confusing you.” This time, following an idea suggested by one of his fans, he charged subscribers $ 45 per month. In addition, he could order large individual payments for private shows, sometimes $ 300 for an hour-long performance.

Lee J. Murillo

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