Tuition, books, transportation, food… studying is expensive and not everyone can afford all these expenses. Thus, many students resort to student finance programs.

But in case the student does not meet the necessary requirements, there are still other alternatives. The interest rate may be higher, but investing in higher education can give you a high salary return!

Here’s the walkthrough we’ve prepared for you:

Check out the student financing process offered by banks.

Talk to your college

Talk to your college


The first thing to do is to ask your college what agreements it has for Student Funding. Sometimes the college itself has very affordable scholarship and funding systems of its own.

The course only begins to be paid after completion, and the interest rate is very low: 3.4% per year .

Good Finance Student Financing

Good Finance also provides funding for young people seeking to pursue their studies. Collective Student Financing does not charge a membership fee or credit opening fee.

The student pays 40% of the tuition, with an interest rate of 2% per month, and the remaining semester is paid in 9 months.

The platform promises less bureaucracy, with simple registration in an online process. In addition, Good Finance helps students find work by facilitating the contact of the recent graduate with contracting companies.

Good Finance’s average interest rate for student student financing is [interest if = ”Good Finance” catbacen = ”other goods”]. More info here.

E-Money Student Funding



With E-Money it is possible to finance undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and technical courses. To join, the educational institution must be a partner of the program.

The applicant must have a clean name and prove income 2 times higher than the monthly fee. Funding may be up to 50% of the total tuition fee.

If the student can not prove income, there is still the option to present a guarantor that proves income 2.5 times the tuition fee. The student pays the installments during the course and after graduation.

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