A new and popular trend are e-bikes, also known as pedelecs, which are enjoying increasing popularity today. Combining the sporting activity with a switchable electrical system offers the cyclist many new possibilities, even if he is not fit for sport. Nevertheless, a high-quality e-bike has its price.

Not every consumer can afford this in one sum and often has to resort to payment in installments. Basically, when buying an e-bike, there are various factors, such as the equipment. The better this is, the higher the price. Many buyers want to be able to buy or finance their e-bike in installments and some of them despite a negative Credit bureau.

E-bike installment payment possible despite Credit bureau?

E-bike installment payment possible despite Credit bureau?

A good or sufficient credit rating is very important for financing and payment in installments. A long time ago it was still impossible to buy an e-bike in installments with negative Credit bureau. Today, it is more the case that creditworthiness plays a subordinate role and there is basically nothing in the way of paying in installments. It is important that the buyer chooses an online shop or a provider where payment in installments is possible without a strict credit check.

E-bikes are now available in many different designs, for every body size and with a variety of additional accessories. It can therefore happen that the price is significantly high. Paying in installments is a very good solution. The buyer himself can determine the term and use this to set the rates. This financial freedom offers a sufficient opportunity to fulfill the wish of a high-quality and desired e-bike.

But why finance an e-bike?

But why finance an e-bike?

In general, payment by installments is a good way to decide on a high-end e-bike and to avoid problems with payment. So if you want to be on the safe side when buying on the Internet, you can conclude an installment payment contract despite a negative Credit bureau. There are some lenders that do just that. To find out which loan providers they are, you should compare them. With just one click you get the cheapest provider with the best conditions. Of course, this also includes the corresponding framework conditions that you as a buyer would like.

However, a buyer must meet a few criteria:

  • The borrower must be of legal age
  • The amount of the installments should be adjusted to the financial possibilities
  • The general terms and conditions must be accepted
  • A negative Credit bureau does not rule out an installment contract
  • The conditions of the loan provider always apply

If these criteria are met, you only have to find the right loan provider!

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