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Assistive Technology has taken another giant step forward with the satalight®  family of Interactive Learning Stations from InfoCor.

InfoCor is pleased to continue to offer the full range of satalight® Interactive Learning Stations as a “pathway to knowledge” to the assistive technology market worldwide. We hope you will find our content, insightful, informative, as well as educational.

As a market leader in educational and corporate technology for the past 15 years, InfoCor has continued to consult with, and listened to our customers, and together have enhanced and grown with the Assistive Technology market by offering exciting and fulfilling products, in particular, the satalight® and satalight® HD or satalight® HD460 with many options.

The satalight® is truly the answer. Designed specifically for individuals with special needs, in collaboration with educators, therapists and parents, the satalight® is a “light at the end of the tunnel” offering individuals with disabilities; hope, opportunity for personal growth and achievement, educational development, and allows them to flourish in ways they never thought possible.


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